How To Keep Your Laminate Flooring Looking Good


  • Underlay will also help with sound acoustic noise.
  • The underlay can also provide heat insulation for any room, keeping it draft free and retain heat.
  • By fitting underlay it will withstand a lot of people walking across floor, and not move or change shape.
  • It gives more comfort when you walk on floor that has had good underlay fitted correctly.


  • Laminate floors are still a really good flooring choice.
  • So knowing how to look after your floor will ensure it last longer and looks good throughout it’s life span.
  • Understanding they type of flooring you have purchased and type of wood is important.
  • Your floor with come with manufacturers guidelines, and you are best to use the preferred cleaning products as advised by them.
  • Harsh cleaning products are not good for laminate floors, so be careful how you clean your floors.
  • The new laminate floors these days are made to withstand a lot of wear and tear.
  • Your floor should be easy for you to maintain.
  • Always ask either the manufacturer or floor fitter of best products to use for cleaning purposes and keeping floor looking bright and clean.
  • Each floor has different materials so one product for one brand may not be right product for your floor, so always check guidelines or ask.
  • This is always a good idea if you have laminate in a hallway or entrance as this will capture any dirt and dust.
  • Also by placing a rug across a busy area in a lounge bedroom, this protects your floor from heavy foot traffic.
  • Rugs are also good if anyone spills a drink or food on the floor.
  • You can buy laminate that is water resistant design but remember nothing is 100% water proof.
  • It is always good to invest in microfiber mop, you should always dry clean your Laminate floors.
  • So use a brush or even a vacuum to remove any dirt or dust daily.
  • Sometimes laminate becomes dull, due to a build up of dirt, so using a mop with very little water can remove this residue and keep the shine.
  • A good idea is to use a small amount of vinegar on dry cloth this will lift any marks build of dirt on floor, and the bright shine will come back.
  • Make sure you test a small area, to see if the residue comes off the floor, never use wax based products or floor polish this will ruin your laminate floor.
  • Before you purchase an alternative stronger cleaner please check your manufacturer or floor fitters advice.
  • Laminate floors are designed to not retain moisture and get overly wet, so always use little water and dry  cloth or mop,as little water as possible is best way.
  • If you do spill large amount of water use a dry mop or cloth do not add more water onto area and dry as quick as possible. With something that is totally dry not damp.