Changing the way you see your garden


We supply and fit the best quality artificial grass to homes across the North West. Artificial Grass has fast become a popular choice for garden lovers as it gives the aesthetic look and feel of grass without the hassle of maintenance.

Perfect lawn 365 days a year

You can be sure your lawn is going to look perfect any time of the year rain or shine. With little to no maintenance our artificial grass is the smart and time saving choice.

Protect Against Allergies

If you or your children have hay fever you know how upsetting it can be for them to not be able to go out and enjoy your garden. With our artificial grass there is no pollen so you can be sure your kids can enjoy the outdoors a lot more during summer.

Low maintenance

Say goodbye to mowing the lawn and getting rid of pesky weeds. It’s time to get your weekends back from gardening.

Common Uses

Beautiful Gardens

Artificial grass is a great way to add a finishing touch to your garden. Our artificial grass is long lasting and requires very little maintenance, meaning you can enjoy a green garden all year round. Many people are now turning to artificial grass as their go to garden option because of its high quality and benefits such as not having to deal with mud, dead grass or waiting for grass to regrow.  

Putting Greens

Many people with the space would love a putting green in their back garden but when you consider the time it would take to maintain it could amount to another full time job. When using artificial grass you can be sure you can have a putting green to work on your short game all year round.   

Dog Pens

A popular use for artificial grass is for dog pens artificial grass is still soft to touch and comfy for them to play and roll around on however you wont have to worry about them digging up holes or eating grass. Artificial grass is easy to clean also so you wont have to worry about them doing their business and it ruining your new grass.

Roof gardens

With more and more people living in apartments and pent houses a new trend for landlords is to add a roof garden for their tenants. this is not only space efficient due to many homes not having the space in the front or back for a garden but also allows the people living in an apartment or penthouse to enjoy the outside and nature at home.