About Quick Step – Laminate Flooring

A Brief Overview

  • This type of flooring is visually beautiful, and looks modern, in different styles colours, textures.
  • High performance multi- purpose flooring, very durable and strong.
  • With a wide range of wood designs, patterns, and colours, shades in Quick- step laminate floors.
  • The manufacturing is so good now, it looks like a natural wooden floor.
  • Quick – step design is layered, this is very hard wearing, resilient, quick step  floor surface is tough, this makes it scratch free, prevents any stains and doesn’t alter with household cleaning products.
  • Floors are anti – static and don’t gather dust and dirt, they are also splash proof
  • The floors are protected from direct sunlight so they will not lose their colour.
  • The floors have unique design and with seamless look the overall look is impressive to suit any décor in any room.
  • Laminate flooring has advanced so can be used in kitchens, bedrooms lounges.
  • Laminate is easy to keep clean and looking good and it allows an easier way of life, with low maintenance and pet and child friendly.
  • Carpets can retain a lot of dirt, even with best hoover, you will always have dirt and germs you can’t remove.
  • Also laminate doesn’t lose it’s depth, unlike carpets can lose their colour and shape over time with pile not being same as when it was fitted.
  • Laminate is cleaner for home especially if anyone has dust allergies, this is great flooring option.

Colour Trends

Once you know which type of laminate flooring your are going to choose, it’s time for the fun part. Picking the Colour! Here are some of the most popular laminate flooring shades and colours.

  • Dark laminate is still very popular at moment and is still one best selling colours.
  • Dark Oak, Almost black can make a room really stand out with light décor and furniture.
  • Cool toned colours are also trending, with a pale washed out look.
  • White washed colours are popular for bedrooms and kitchens.
  • Light and natural wood colours are still great for any home.
  • Different shades of greys and charcoals