Our Range Of Carpets…

Adorable Range

The adroable range is avaliable in 9 different styles so you are guaranteed to find a carpet that matches your room perfectly. The adorable range blends quality with competitive prices.

Adorable Ultimate

The adroable range is avaliable in 9 different styles so you are guaranteed to find a carpet that matches your room perfectly. The adorable ultimate range gives you some of the best quality carpets on the market


The Amore range is a very popular selection for living areas. avaliable in a vast array of colours from pink to silver. The Amore range gives you a high quality carpet that is thick and feels great.

Burbage Extra

The Burbage Extra range is a twist carpet giving your home a contemporary and warm look. The high quality of this carpet means it is built to last as well as look great.

Burghley House

The Burghley House range is  100% Life-tec fibre. Giving your home a clean and simple look allowing this carpet to look good in any room. This carpet is also very affordable without compromising on style.

California Dreams

The California Dreams range is 100% Synthetic and comes designed with a alomst floral repeated pattern. This carpet is perfect for fitting in with an old fashioned home with all the benefits of a new high quality carpet.

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Canterbury Range

The Canterbury range is a perfect carpet for any room in your home if you are looking to get one consistent style throughout your home this is your best choice. The canterbury also comes in multiple colours allowing for lots of variety from the same carpet.

The Caress Range

The Caress Elite is 100% Life-tec fibre and perfect for any room in the house. With 14 unique styles to choose from this carpet can fit any home design at an affordable price. The Caress comes in Elite, Exclusive, Super, Luxury and ultimate.


The Castell comes in either exclusive or luxury and is 100% Life-tec fibre. The Castell is ideal for any modern home and can be used in any area.

Challenger Twist

The Challenger twist range is a durable and long lasting carpet that comes in both block colours and stripes giving you the flexibility to change the look of your home from room to room.

Champagne Stripe

The Champagne Stripe Is perfect for connecting your hallways, stairs and landings. The long narrow stripe effect gives off a modern look to any new home.

Champion Twist

The Champion Twist range is a carpet that in your hallway or even living room. with its strong deep colours it can really add to your wall colour, while still being at an affordable price.

Cheltenham Stripe

The Cheltenham Stripe carpet is perfect for connecting hallways, stairs and landings. The narrow and defined stripes Complement any modern home.

Cherish Range

The Cherish range is perfect if you are looking to carpet an entire home. With a range of bold colours and great affordable cost. The Cherish range is great for any new home.

City Twist

The City twist range also comes in classic and supreme so you have control over the quality of carpet you want without sacrificing the style and bold colours of this range.

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